Could someone please tell me the name of this plant? My mom bought it some time ago and it was nice but lately it seems like it is decomposing. We have tried to water it more often and expose it more to the sun, but since they are not working, I would greatly appreciate your advice
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  • @fyfywong Thank you so much for the tips (and also answering again) now I see where we were wrong, we will correct it immediately, sorry for the trouble, and thank you again ^^
  • It looks like Dracaena Sanderiana to me. And you might have over-watering it...The root base of the leftmost one is starting to decompose, I'm afraid 😧Please try to stop watering it until the soil become less rheumy. P.S. Avoid direct sunlight, that will make leaves turn yellow as well. Keep it in the shade beside the lights. ☂️(Okey, I'm just pasting my answer again from your original question)