My little garden of Succulents

That day I saw a blog, and hooked on succulents, I have the fleshy little garden. From the beginning to now buy 20~30 stars, temper habit of continuous learning and exploration of succulent plants, slowly also had some experience, this home a few more and more beautiful. Record their most beautiful moments with a camera, I hope I can keep as good as possible ~!
I have the most “meat” in the bedroom window, daylighting is good, ventilated, some like fleshy jade, meat cone fear exposure, will be kept in the dresser where astigmatism..

Do you like it ?

This one?

Like roses


Haworthia comptoniana

Conophytum,it's so cute

Crassula herrei H.-C.Friedrich

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how to grow Haworthia comptoniana from seeds
@sarajordan2993 thanks, beautiful girl ~
i love your set up of the succulents , its beautiful !! 😊💕

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